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WaldenTRI Sports Psychology Talk

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I'm pleased to say that renowned sports psychologist Helen Davis will soon be giving a talk for us. It's a joint online session for WaldenTRI and Meridian Tri Club using Zoom. Helen is one of the very best in her field and she has worked with many triathletes. Check her out at https://www.thinkbelieveperform.co.uk

She will discuss using psychology to help effective thinking and decision-making. She'll help us address the concerns, sources of self-doubt, and practical obstacles that many triathletes deal with but which are actually rarely discussed: these are topics which can inhibit an athlete's ability & confidence to undertake the exercise & training that they would like to. For example:-

  • Concern about body image/appearance while training or racing.
  • Managing a perception of vulnerability & risk when cycling on public roads.
  • Managing feelings of athletic inadequacy: club members might not participate in a particular discipline or session because they feel they could be the slowest or least skilled.
  • An athlete's self-consciousness about how their performance/results will be regarded by other people.
  • Athletes cautious about entering a race for the first time. Experienced triathletes nervous about stepping up to a bigger event (e.g. a European/World age-group championship) or an intimidating longer distance event (such as half Ironman or full Ironman). Experienced triathletes reluctant to take part in time trials or other unfamilar events.

This is a great opportunity for us to train our minds alongside the training we do for our bodies. Even if none of those topics directly applies to you this is a chance to learn how you could help fellow clubmates.

The cost is £5. Please sign up at https://forms.gle/7WHVQuxTvq6aZbuJ6.

And, just drop me a line at headcoach@waldentri.co.uk if you have any queries or if you'd like Helen to address a particular question.

All the best,

Mark Fraser
Head Coach, WaldenTRI

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