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During the winter months a Run & Core session is held at the R A Butler School on a Thursday.

For the first 25 minutes members warm up with some running, skills and drills.  Then it is straight in to 60 mins. of structured core and circuits.

We pride ourselves in having this winter session (a discipline regularly forgotten but vital to stability and strength). This form of pain is fun and always ends on a feel good note!

In the summer we transfer to the 400m grass track at the Friends' School.  Here we again have structured coached sessions to improve speed, endurance and technique.  We also use these times on occasions to practice the forth triathlon discipline, TRANSITION, ideal on grass for those mastering fast mount/dismounts as it tends to be a softer landing if you wobble!

Thursday Evening Circuit Training

This will start on Thursday 6th November at the R A Butler School, Saffron Walden. We have the hall booked from 19:30 onwards.

Please arrive around 19:15 to check-in and give yourself time to warm-up prior to entering the hall. Bring a drink and a towel with you, we're going to make you sweat more than ever this year!

These sessions will continue right through to the Spring.

We've often spoken about the benefits of core strength for runners and swimmers, but here is what one of our G.B. gold medal winning cyclists says about core strength,

"People don't realise how important core strength is to cycling. If your upper and lower body are moving separately and you don't have the strong link between, you will waste energy and power. A strong core helps keep the back stong when you are hunched over the bike. Cycling isn't just about strong legs, it's about having a strong core too."

Sunday Cross Country League 2014-15

For those of you that are new to the club or haven't done cross country before, I'll just give a quick run-down:

  • This will be WT's 5th season of running cross country over the winter months.
  • We compete in a league of 18 teams, mainly against pure running clubs. However, in the seasons so far we have shown that we more than a match them.
  • Over the season there are 5 races, 1 each month from Oct. to Feb.
  • The races are over a distance of between 5 - 6 miles.
  • The field size is usually more than 300 runners.
  • The standard is very hot at the front, but there are plenty of steadier runners behind. Over the seasons WT members have filled the whole range of positions from first to last !
  • You can run in one race or you can run all 5, there is no commitment that you have to run the whole series.
  • The races are free for you to enter, the club pays a small charge to enter the team for the season.

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